Hey world, its me again. This weeks assignment was to listen to a podcast and write about it. I decided to listen to a podcast titled Outreach to the African American Market. The show was hosted by Rochelle Ford, Ph.D., APR and her guest were Neil Foote, Maiya Hollie and Hazel Trice Edney. Neil Foote is a veteran media executive who runs his own communications and web consulting firm, Maiya Hollie is the public relations director for REACH Media Inc. and  “The Tom Joyner Morning Show.”, Hazel Trice Edney   is editor-in-chief for National Newspapers Publishers Association news service and Blackpressusa.com. She is also interim executive director of the NNPA Foundation.  The topic of the show was about how radio shows and talk shows that are targeted towards the African American community are very essential to its listeners. One of the show’s guests mentioned that radio shows such as the Tom Joyner Morning Show are vital because it  motivates black people to take action when it comes to issues dealing with health, family, and family. I found the podcast because its important to have public relation companies that target our community because its certain issues that affect us that other cultures dont have to worry about. Its a stigma in the African American community about going to the doctor and we need people to market and encourage black people to go to get annual checkups, especially black men. My major is broadcasting and it would be my dream to have a radio show or tv show that can affect the black community in a positve way.


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