top ten

May 5, 2009

Top Ten things I have learned in Intro to PR

10. Twitter is very useful when contacting PR pros

9. Always keep good records of past events for future business clients

8. Research is very essential

7. Any publicity is good publicity

6. Social media is changing the public relations landscape

5. Dress appropriately for a job interview

4. Know your audience/demographic when you are pubbing a clients product

3. Establish good business relationships

2. Interships, get as much experience as you can



Chapter 3

May 1, 2009


  1. Absolute. every decision is either right or wrong
  2. Existential.  the belief that there is a balance or a midpoint between two extremes
  3. Situational. the belief that each decision is based on what would cause the least harm or the most good

3 principles are essential: Professional communication is…

  • legal
  • ethical
  • and in good taste


May 1, 2009

I dont think I will ever eat Dominoes Pizza again! Recently, a very disturbing video of two Dominoes employees putting boogers and snot on some customers pizzas. This video made its way through the web very quickly and had everyone talking about it. This video badly damaged the image of Dominoes, so they had to do something to save their image cause they had to do something. I was never a huge Dominoes but videos like that make you wonder what happens at other resturaunts

Chapter 2

May 1, 2009

Ancient Beginnings

  • Ancient Olympic Games used promotional techniques to hype the athletes up as if they were heroes
  • The first politican to publish a book is Julius Caesar

Early Beginnings of America

  • The Virginia Company used flyers and brochures in 1620 to try and get europeans to migrate to America
  • Samuel Adams is the mastermind behind “the greatest and best-known publicity stunt of all time”, The Boston Tea Party.  Also he came up with the term “Boston Massacre”

Another 48 hours of Twitter

April 22, 2009

Whats up everybody, this weeks assignment was for a period of 48 hours (2 days) use twitter as much as possible and see what you can get out  of it. I admit when we first started using twitter I was not a big fan, i just couldn’t get it. I thought it was point and i kinda compared it to facebook which was a mistake but with me being such a huge facebook fan I found it hard not to. While doing this assignment my bias had changed and i began to  enjoy twitter. As i twitted with different people i began to realize the purpose of the website. It wasn’t meant to be a facebook or a myspace necessarily but it was created as another method to continuously communicate with your friends and even professionals in different career fields and even companys. Its amazing the timing of this assignment because within this past week or so twitter has become more popular than sliced bread. More and more people are getting on especially since twitter has been receiving national publicity from such celebrities as Ashton Kutcher and Oprah Winfrey. I like how twitter can put you so close to so many different people. Twitter is such a great networking tool compared to facebook and myspace. If you follow the right people you may find that intership you have been looking for or maybe even a interview that can lead to a job. With the economy being the way it is twitter may save your life.


April 6, 2009

Hey world, its me again. This weeks assignment was to listen to a podcast and write about it. I decided to listen to a podcast titled Outreach to the African American Market. The show was hosted by Rochelle Ford, Ph.D., APR and her guest were Neil Foote, Maiya Hollie and Hazel Trice Edney. Neil Foote is a veteran media executive who runs his own communications and web consulting firm, Maiya Hollie is the public relations director for REACH Media Inc. and  “The Tom Joyner Morning Show.”, Hazel Trice Edney   is editor-in-chief for National Newspapers Publishers Association news service and She is also interim executive director of the NNPA Foundation.  The topic of the show was about how radio shows and talk shows that are targeted towards the African American community are very essential to its listeners. One of the show’s guests mentioned that radio shows such as the Tom Joyner Morning Show are vital because it  motivates black people to take action when it comes to issues dealing with health, family, and family. I found the podcast because its important to have public relation companies that target our community because its certain issues that affect us that other cultures dont have to worry about. Its a stigma in the African American community about going to the doctor and we need people to market and encourage black people to go to get annual checkups, especially black men. My major is broadcasting and it would be my dream to have a radio show or tv show that can affect the black community in a positve way.


April 6, 2009

Whats goin on world, i know its been a while since I have posted anything but thats all my fault but now i back on it. Recently, we had to watch a video about PR expert, Seth Grobin, doing a presentation about a book he wrote entitled Tribes. No the book is not about different villages in Africa, its about the different groups we tend to find ourselves in based upon the things we like. I learned a few new things about marketing and public relations from this video and a couple things surprised me. I never realized the great lengths some marketing companies go to advertise to their target audience like withe the mcdonalds billboard with the girl holding two bags of food under the child obsesity sign, i found that kinda funny. It surprised me when he said that sometimes companies dont care about losing or gaining one or two new tribe members when they already have a million other loyal members. It also kinda surprised me when he said that sometimes it doesn’t take long for people to join tribes. He used Oprah Winfrey as an example, he said all it takes is an hour or two for people to join her tribe. Im not a fan of Oprah, i dont watch her show or read her magazine and Oprah could care less because she has a trillion other fans around the world. There is a lot more that goes into public relations and marketing than i ever thought . I thought it was just about networking but its also about knowing your audience and how to market them and how to keep them coming back

PR History

February 5, 2009

Hey World,

Today in class we talked about different eras in public relations history. The topic we had was the evolving practice and philosophy. The perception of public relations changed to a more consumer caring industry. More firms are concerned with their audience and how they are perceived by the public. Also, the role of women changed dramatically since the 70’s. In 1983, women became the majority of the workforce. Women make more money in pr than any other female dominated career field. We also talked about the emergence of new social networks such as facebook, myspace, and twitter as a mean of everyday communication. These websites serve as a way for people to talk and update each other on their lives. I never knew that public realtions as an industry has evolved so much from its beginning.

Hello world!

January 26, 2009

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